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First published in San Luis Obispo, California,
         in Journal PLUS: Magazine of the Central Coast

July 2012 Life after San Simeon
October 2012 Jack Warner at San Simeon, 1972
December 2012 Nick Yost: Packer Extraordinaire
February 2013 The Hearstian Calendar
June 2013 Julia Morgan as Engineer
July 2013 What's In a Name?
September 2013 Hearst Castle's Cloister #1: A Room Fondly Recalled

Published in San Luis Obispo
         in The Tribune newspaper

March 11, 2013 Confessions of a Hearstophile

Other articles

October 2012 Moving Past the Myths
March 2013 George Vancouver: Forgotten Mariner
April 2013 Boundary Lines
June 2013 Marguerite Eyer Wilbur: 1889-1982
June 2013 Julia Morgan: Wyntoon and Other Hearst Projects, 1933-1946
August 2013 Mrs. Fremont Older: "The Pink Lady"